Do you want to see how food is truffled?

Food can be truffled by volatile aromas contained in truffles. Greasy food (oils, butters, foie, lard…), rices and pastas, flours and, surely, eggs can be easily truffled. We can also truffle alcoholic beverages, vinegars and even water.

In order to truffle food, it is not necessary truffle is in direct contact with them, it is possible to put nearby without any touch on it, always separated from them with absorbent paper to ensure its proper preservation. We will use an airtight container in in which we will lay food together with the truffle. We close and leave it approximately 24 or 48 hours inside refrigerator. In case of eggs, they are place shell eggs since their shell is porous. The longer we leave it, the more truffled aroma will be taken by food.

In case of the tuber melanosporum, 24 hours would be enough to truffle any food; in case of the tuber aestivum and the tuber uncinatum, 48 hours will be necessary.

Once food has been truffled, we will keep on preserving it inside a closed airtight container so as not to lose taken aroma.

Once food is completly truffled, it can be prepared as usual.