The correct way to preserve a truffle is in the refrigerator, to a temperature between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius. We have always to preserve it clean, well and dry. If we want it to preserve its aroma for longer, we will place it inside an airtight container, wrapped in a piece of absorbent paper. This paper will have to be replaced every day or two and clean moisture emited by the fungus.

In these conditions, the truffle can last approximately two weeks. In the moment when the truffle begins to be soft, it is necessary to use it immediately, or to freeze it to use it later.

If you do not know when you are going to use the whole truffle, the best thing is to cut it and to freeze the part which is not going to be used so that it does not lose aromas either weigh.

To freeze:

Wrap it well with plastic trasparente and place the truffle in a receptacle which can be closed hermetically, suitable for freezer. If it is vacuum-packed, it loses aromas since they are extracted by vacuum suction.

When we want to use it, we just take it out in that moment, without defrosting it previously, remove the transparent film, grate what we need and, when we stop using it, we cover it with transparent film again, put it in the jar inside the freezer until the next use.