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Lyophiliced and dehydrated


Lyophiliced winter black truffle slides and dehydrated truffle slides

Natural truffle that can last a long time in your kitchen.

  • 10 gr dehydrated truffle slides
  • 3 gr Lyophiliced winter black truffle slides




What is drying process?

Moisture loss is a determining factor in the shelf-life of foods. When concentration of water diminishes, the expiry date of the same ones is extended. While drying process, the truffle loses approximately 75 % of its weight. Dehydrated truffle can survive during longer time.

What is the lyophilization?

It is a preservation method in truffle which consists of the dehydration of it with a quick-freeze to-80 grades and subsequently the heat application to remove the ice in emptiness.

Use of tuber slices.

We can use them in two ways: rehydration with warm water half-hour before its use and using them later exactly just as we would use the truffle in fresh air, or in dry, and allow them to be hydrated by the moisture of the rest of dish components.

Recommended dishes, scrambled eggs with truffle and prawns, poultry fillings and fresh vegetables
It is always advisable to cook at low temperature and even vacuum cooking so that the truffle loses the minimal possible aromas.

One gram of dehydrated truffle is equivalent to four of fresh truffle.

Ingredients: Tuber melanosporun. Tuber Aestivum.

Nutritional values / 100gr: TUBER MELANOSPORUM LYOPHILIZED: Energy: 1221 kJ/ 292 kCal. Fat:2 gr/ <0,1 oz, of which saturates: 0 gr/0 oz. Carbohidrate: 22,8 gr/ 0,8 oz of which sugars: 0 gr/ 0 oz Proteins: 29,6 gr/ 1 oz. Fibre: 41,2 gr/1,45 oz. Salt: 0 gr/ 0 oz. TUBER AESTIVUM DEHYDRATED: Energy: 1138 kJ/ 272 kCal. Fat: 2,8 gr/ 0,1 oz, of which saturates: 0 gr/0 oz. Carbohidrate: 16,8 gr/ 0,6 oz of which sugars: 0 gr/ 0 oz Proteins: 32,8 gr/ 1,16. Fibre: 41,2 gr/1,45 oz. Salt: 0 gr/ 0 oz.

Quality certificate

Our quality guarantee is endorsed by the strict adherence to the laws and recommendations of traceability, service and environment which accompany us in the whole process of compilation, cleanliness of truffles and elaboration of our wonderful gourmet products.

Where are our truffles born?

In case of the winter black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum), our ones with which we work are a 100 % Spanish and, in particular, from Aragon area, main worldwide producer of this fungus. (If you want to know more on the topic, please click on here). 95 % of them is from plantations since the wild one is very scarce. We focus farmings with a Sustainable Quality management system.

The summer and autumn truffles have the same origin but wild in a 100 % and their compilation is accomplished by the same Sustainable Quality criteria.

How do we work with our truffles?

On the other hand, we have always realized well that we had to be a reference regarding sanitary regulation and current food safety policies, before our company setting up, adapting all our facilities to regulations.

Every truffle is cleaned individually by hand, with special brushes and cold water which is analysed periodically. Then, cleanliness process with ultrasounds is started before a naturally drying.

Truffles preserve in cold at between 1 to 4 Cº. They are just packed in the same moment to be sent.

How do we work the rest of our products?

Salt with truffle, truffle powder, dehydrated truffle, lyophilizate truffle, risotto with truffle and boletus, scented oil.

All of them are prepared with our own truffles and with the help of collaborating companies which take a chance on, as we do, the Guarantee of Sustainable Quality.

Sanitaries guarantees

UNIVERSO TRUFA SC Sanitaries guarantees

  • 24.002095/Z Spain
  • 21.030364/Z Spain
  • SPAIN RSIPAC 1604631
  • CAT RIAAC 000310449

These numbers, granted by the Competent Health Authority of the Government of Aragon and the Government of Spain, allow us to market truffles, mushrooms and any other packaged and bulk vegetable product, as well as the rest of our delicacies.

The Sanitary Registry is a guarantee of food quality throughout the world.

We carry the traceability of each of the truffles and elaborates that enter and leave our facilities. Each shipment has a unique batch number, with which we can find out the origin, collector and the time of collection of the truffles.


  • According to RE 1169/2011 / CE.
  • It does not contain gluten.
  • See ingredients in description.
  • 100% natural. Vegan.

Orders / Shipping

  • Orders: If you are a private customer, you can buy directly adding selected products to your page cart. When you have finished and accepted terms of service, payment process will be made. Once your payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation “Received Order”. As soon as the order is received and its issuing fulfiled, you will receive a message “Order submitted”.
  • Wholesalers: In case of wholesale customer, (truffle distributor, gourmet specialised shop, restaurant or large consumers), you can get in touch directly with us in wholesalers@blacktruffleuniverse.com. Here we will provide you with more reference prices.
  • Secure payment: You can choose to pay with PayPal if you already have an account or use credit card as well as with bank transfer. In the latter case, shipping will not be made up to having received its payment.
  • Shipping: Our fresh truffles are sent packed in special packing with refrigerated cargos and cold-chain shipments and always in 24 hours-transport service in Spain. For the rest of the world, estimated delivery will be displayed when purchasing the product. The type of packing and cooling load guarantee that Truffles arrive in perfect condition to destination. Rest of durable product has the same delivery time. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by mailing us at info@blacktruffleuniverse.com.

Noble Food

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Quality, flavor and presence. Products that elevate the five senses. Essential elements of the culture and character of Aragon. Now we want you to be the one to meet them. Protected Designations of Origin, Protected Geographical Indications, products of a differentiated nature such as the “C’alial” quality seal, Food Crafts, Ecological Production or Integrated Production. These are some of the figures that make up Aragón Alimentos. A space behind which hides a commendable work that ensures the quality, authenticity and character of each product. Welcome to our land.

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