In La Zarola, Zaragoza’s gastronomic space located at Calle San Miguel 35, the presentation of the new project by Trinidad Usón and Ana Cristina Lahoz has taken place: “DisTrufArte”, the best way to know, learn and enjoy the truffle throughout the year and in all its varieties.

The long experience of Trinidad Usón, as a truffle and truffle producer, and Ana Cristina Lahoz, as a cook, showed them the great ignorance that exists about it. This was the reason that led them to implement this idea to make the truffle known in depth, from its cultivation, harvesting and marketing, reaching of course its conservation and gastronomic uses.

Dismantling myths about the truffle is the central idea on which this project revolves with which they intend, through educational and informative sessions, to approach and train about this mushroom that has become a gastronomic gem.

In their presentation they talked about some of the activities that they will carry out, such as: training and informative sessions with and without tasting of truffled products, show cooking, private dinners and lunches or events around the truffle.

Likewise, they offered to taste different preparations such as “Truffle juice”, “Truffled bread” and surprising dishes were prepared live such as “Truffle avocado” and “Tortilla with truffle spherification” and a “Light truffle chocolate mousse”. All these dishes were accompanied by the wines of the Obergo Winery.

This presentation is one of the activities included in the “Discover the Truffle” route In the image Ana Cristina Lahoz and Trinidad Usón.

Source: Lugares con estrella, by Eduardo Bueso