“Discover the truffle” is consolidated as the main platform for dissemination and knowledge of the tuber melanosporum in Aragon. The second edition of this gastronomic route, which has developed from January 26 to February 26, it says goodbye with a great success of participation and an increase in their training activities.
For a month, lovers and curious of the truffle have been able to enjoy the “black gold” of Aragon through a route through 25 establishments in Zaragoza, which have developed black truffle specialties, as well as different training activities and courses deprived around tuber melanosporum.

The route, organized by the Zaragoza company Más Que Gastronomía, has focused on this edition, on the importance of promoting the knowledge of this delicacy from the first hospitality courses. For this, training talks have been given in two Zaragoza Hospitality Schools: the Picarral TOPI Foundation and the School of Hospitality IES Miralbueno.

The person in charge of offering these talks has been Trinidad Usón, owner of the company Foresta Trufas Foresta Algairén, and the result has been “very positive”. The faculty of These centers have ensured that it is “essential” to promote knowledge of the tuber melanosporum from the first years of formation and, they warn, that they are seen in “Obligation” to defend and promote the Aragonese product to the students.

As a closure of the route, the technical talk took place at the IES Hospitality School Miralbueno. The event was attended by more than a hundred students from all the cycles of hospitality of this center. The “Discover the truffle” platform does not end here. As it has been doing for more of one year, will continue to inform about the different types of truffle, related activities and curiosities, through its website www.descubrelatrufa.com and the different social networks.

In the header image of the article: Artichoke flower on pumpkin cream, foie and Truffle grated from the Parrilla de Albarracín restaurant. In the image below these lines, Trinidad Usón, owner of Trufas Foresta Algairén, with his dog Zarza and some of the students of the IES Hospitality School Miralbueno.

Source: Lugares con estrella, by Eduardo Bueso