Black Truffle Universe / Universo Trufa is a young company that comes from the experience of several generations in the search and commercialization of black truffle and work in the field and the kitchen.

We are committed to innovation, research and training applying the latest developments in food safety, in order to guarantee the highest quality, sanitary guarantee, freshness and cleanliness of these exclusive mushrooms.

From the beginning, we have been committed to the quality of the product and the preservation of natural spaces. The mere fact of planting Truffles that are associated with a multitude of different forest species and above all with the benefits in the growth of trees that shelter them, provides us with a wide range of options for promoting biodiversity.

We work with truffles that mainly occur in Aragon, Tuber melanosporum (black winter truffle), Tuber aestivum (black summer truffle) and Tuber uncinatum (black autumn truffle),We have also started an innovative line of products derived from the truffle and its preservation, 100% natural products that we put at your disposal.

Although our plantations and collection areas are in Aragon, our product can travel very far since we have the necessary health records so that they can reach almost everyone.

You can find us at:

Spain (Zaragoza) Encinacorba
Spain (Teruel) Rubielos de Mora